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How To Develop A Great Corporate Culture With Three Simple Words

I believe that a company’s culture is the sum of what is celebrated minus what is tolerated.

This means that the actions of ALL of the people within a company determine the culture. It’s not up to some super human CEO to determine it.

The culture is also a huge factor in the type of customers and employees you attract.

So what are the keys to developing a great culture?

Three simple words:

  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Self-awareness

Trust: If you don’t trust the people you work with, there is no point in having a business. Yes trust is earned, but you need to create an environment where that is the natural state. Your people should always feel that you have their best interests first before your own. When they are successful, you are successful.

Respect: Treat everyone like a professional. This means you value their contributions and you hold them accountable to live their commitments to you and to themselves. Keep your word and expect the same from everyone that works for you.

Self-awareness: When you become aware of how your actions, behaviours and habits affect your results you are now armed to make better choices and to be responsible for your own success and happiness.

When these three cornerstone pieces are in place and nurtured, your corporate culture lifts the people within the company. 

These pieces are only as good as the commitment you make to them. It starts with you.