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Remember That Time You Thought All Was Lost? Well, it’s Happened Again.

A little over fifteen years ago I was working for an advertising agency.  I had been there four years. I worked a lot of hours but for the most part I enjoyed my work. But near the end of my tenure I started to feel the need to move on to another challenge.

I was approached about a new opportunity to build a sales team from scratch, travel across the country and to help a new company grow and be a big part of it.

It was really exciting, so I accepted the offer.

I gave my employer a month’s notice, trained my replacement and then two day’s before my last day at the agency my new boss called to tell me the job was no longer available and that the company wasn’t going forward.

Damn (trust me I used a much stronger word), what do I do now?

I had two choices:

  1. Go back to my old boss with my tail between my legs - now he would own me
  2. Start my own thing

Well fifteen years later I know I absolutely made the right decision. But then again four years ago I had the rug pulled out from underneath me.

Not again (again much stronger language was used).

While I was sitting there in my office having a great pity party it dawned on me; this is just like fifteen years ago.

So I had two choices:

  1. Sit there feeling sorry for myself
  2. Get off my ass and get to work

I got to work. In fact I got back to being the real me. I looked inward and remembered all the things I was good at and enjoyed but was no longer doing. Through hard work and the encouragement of my supportive wife and some true friends I turned my business into everything I always wanted it to be but for some reason was afraid to do it.

Turns out, that last “disaster” was the greatest thing to ever happen to me and my business.

When life throws us curve balls or in some cases, grenades, we have two choices - take it, or fight back.

Through my whole life it’s the times when I’ve been knocked down flat on my face that have turned out the be the best times of my life. Believe me, at the time they were happening it was the worst, but once the smoke cleared and I stopped thinking with my emotions, these times have lead to the greatest person growth and professional development of my life.

So why did I write this post?

Two reasons. 

The first is to remind you that even if you’re in the middle of a shit storm right now, things can get better. 

And secondly, to embrace the tough times in your life. They help you appreciate when times are good and they help you strengthen your ability to fight and be responsible for your own happiness and success.