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  • Job descriptions and job ads
  • Resume review
  • Phone interviews
  • In person interviews
  • Reference checks
  • On-boarding 

Many of our clients are surprised that we offer recruiting services. The truth is we stumbled into it.

Over the last ten years we’ve training hundreds of sales and marketing people with great success. So when our clients started asking if we could help them find good people we thought it made sense.

We focus exclusively on hiring sales and marketing professionals. We’ve helped with other positions, but this is our strength.  We understand the skills needed as well and even more importantly we understand the attitude and strength of character required to be successful in sales and marketing.

Our process is fairly simple:

  • First we spend time at your business and with some of your team to get an understanding of your culture and work environment. The most important part of recruiting is finding someone that is a good fit for your culture - the better we understand it the higher chance we have of finding the right candidate
  • We then work with you to craft a job description and job ad describing the position and what its like to work for you
  • Next we collect the resumes, review them and present you with what we believe are the best potential fir for your organization
  • We then conduct phone interviews. We prefer this step as it allows us to get to know the candidate and determine some insights into their character before we invest significant time, we also take this opportunity to narrow the list of candidates that will be invited to a face-to-face interview
  • The first face-to-face interviews take place shortly after the phone interviews. We work with you during these interviews to help identify skills gaps, attitude and character. The main goal is to determine if this person is the right fit
  • We bring back our top two candidates to meet more of the team and spend more time together. As candidates get more comfortable they start to show who the really are and it becomes easier to find the person that is the best fit
  • Lastly we check references and past employers as well we have the final two candidates take an online profile assessment that helps us determine if they have the cognitive skills needed to do the job as well as what behaviour tendencies they have - this is a big predictor of future success

Finding and keeping good people is one of the greatest challenges of today’s small business owner. If you’ve been struggling with this, give us a call and let’s see if we can help. Call (905) 321-2663 or email [email protected]